Teapot, Ceramic, Complete Buffet, Table, Service w/110V Steeping/Warm Station 12032

  • $80.99

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An Elegant Flower Classic Chinese Water Color design - Combined with Ceramic Kettle, a exquisite combination that adds cultural flavor to your tea set. Comes with Ceramic Kettle, Steeping Pot (clear glass), Stainless steel diffuser, and a wonderful Electro-mangetic warm plate/tray.Great for Home use, Office, Restaurant table service, Buffet, Catered Events - or a Lovely Gift for someone special in your life.
Comes with over-fill protection: a safety feature that if water is filled over the max line tube, it slowly drains through a bottom channel then a few drain holes at bottom plate. This prevents boiled water and steam from hurting consumers from the top lid. Bottom plate that is not in contact with water is plastic.
110 V for US and Japan markets. 220V available upon request.
Kettle is 5 Cups 1000 Watts
Concealed stainless steel heating element.
Boil-dry protection.
Automatically turns off when water boiled
Water level marks, light indicator. No heavy metal shown on FDA report!!