Ceramic Electric Kettle Peony Electric Ceramic Kettle 2 tone Ceramic Teapot

  • $26.57

【Two-tone floral design】Flower is blue when water is cold, pink with water boils. This lasts a few months before going to blue only. This adorable kettle capacity is 1000 ML or 5 cups, perfect for one or two people. Water heats quickly and the colour-changing flowers are fasinating to watch, as well as a visual cue that it's hot. When hot, only hold handles, use towel or mitten to avoid burn.
【NO plastic parts (except for silicon washer for water tightness)】 No heavy metal. Boils fast. Takes approximately 5 minutes to boil.
【Over-fill protection】A safety feature that if water is filled over the max line tube, it slowly drains through a bottom channel. Thus prevent boiling water and steam from hurting users. Great for home use, office, restaurant table service, buffet, catered events - or a lovely gift for someone special in your life.
【110 V, USA 3 prong plug】Kettle is 1000 Watts. 360 degree rotary base, easy to use. Bottom plate that is not in contact with water is plastic. Measures 9.5 length x 6" base diameter x 7.5" height. Weigh 3 lbs.
【Video link】https://youtu.be/iDkbAbp8mpc. You can also search "15000 Ceramic Electric Kettle Changing Color Pattern" on youtube to locate the video.