8.5x2.5x12" Acrylic Cereal Box Display Trophy Figurine Glorifier Book Showcase Candy Dispenser 10062

  • $16.70

8.5x2.5x12" Inside Dimmension Clear Arclyic Display. Great for Cereal Boxes, Lego Set, Trophies (that fits). 
<br>This display glorifier case keep your prized book or other collectibles well protected while on display.
<br>Made from the best clear plexiglass and solid wood base. Can use as a cereal or candy dispenser as well by revers the orientation to have wood base as lid.
<br>Overal size of this case is 8.8 Wide x 2.8 Deep x 13" Tall. Works with cereal box (2.40 x 11.89 x 7.72 in). It helps to make the item look that much more special, expensive, well cared for, and that much more appreciated.
<br>If you need a larger box, pls consider item 100055 (10.8X4X12.9")". Link is: https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=100055.