Chacha Sunflower Seeds Roasted Salted Cooked w/ Shell 5*Spice Flavor 10 Oz 15744

  • $2.22

【Plump Seeds Selection】The ChaCha sunflower seeds are carefully picked from a natural Inner Mongolian farm, ensuring the selection of large and plump sunflower seeds. This guarantees a high-quality product
【Five-Spice Taste】These sunflower seeds are infused with traditional herbal 5-spice flavors that adds a unique and delightful taste.
【Crispy Inside and Out】After steaming and roasting, the shells and seeds become crispy and delicious, providing a satisfying snacking experience
【Air Tight Packaging 5.71 x 10.24 x 1.57 inches】The sunflower seeds are packed in a vacuum bag with dimensions of 5.71 x 10.24 x 1.57 inches. Freshness is locked in. This size makes it convenient to carry and store, allowing you to enjoy the sunflower seeds on the go or at your leisure
【Product Video】Video Instructions link: You can also search "15744 sunflower seeds 5 spices five flavor fixturedisplays cooked" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: