5"X10.9" Clear Acrylic Tube Mini Stackable Aquarium Planter Transparent Plexiglass Vase Collection

  • $14.48

This small aquarium is sealed at bottom. Bottom ring is designed to sit/stack on top of another aquarium/planter, to create a super interesting display. Listing is for one unit although some pictures depict multiple stacked togather.
Also works great as flower vase, candy bin jar, and ornament display holder.
Container is 5" outside diameter, 4.5" inside diameter, 10.9" Tall. Weighs 15 oz. Capacity is 2.5 Quarts. Made from 3mm thick acrylic.
When stacking, consider air flow and drill additional vendilation holes when necessary. Consider use a 8 or 10" base when stacking multiple floor unit.
You can purchase acrylic discs and glue by following these links: https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=18822-10,https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?_route_=Jewelry_Display_11310&search=11310??
This container can also be sealed to create a fully sealed eco-container. Use this link to purchase 6" disc:https://www.fixturedisplays.com/index.php?_route_=Acrylic_Disc_18822-6-3-16&search=18822-6