Transparent Polycarbonate Cocktail, Milk Tea Shot Shaker/Bartender/Mixing Pot 17 oz/500cc 18012

  • $3.23

Transparent cocktail shot shaker
Item description: PC snow g a cup of cocktail shaker
Size:17 oz (530 cc). Diameter: 3.5" (8.5 cm). Height of vessel: 5" (12.6 cm), height overal is 8". Weight: 6 oz (175 grams).
Looking for a durable and safe shot shaker for your outdoor or poolside bar? Then this 17 oz. polycarbonate shot shaker is the perfect option! Polycarbonate constructed, this shot shaker resembles glass but is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof, making it a safe material for outdoor establishments because it reduces the risk and fear associated with glass breakage. Simply pour ingredients right into the shaker, place on its lid, shake and pour. Its extreme clarity displays your colorful concoctions as you're shaking them up, adding to the overall experience for your guests' night out. Serve up the perfect shot, martini, bloody Mary, long island iced tea or other cocktail!