Combination Cam Lock Master Key Cabinet Combo Lock Drawer Lock Donation Box Lock Pass Code Pin Work with 22 GA Sheet Metal

  • $39.02

FixtureDisplays Combination Cam Lock w/ Master Key Cabinet Lock Drawer Lock Donation Box Lock 18619-1PK. Work with sheet metal face up to 22 GA (0.8mm). Or with purchase of additional mounting plate and longer screws, you can use this for thicker boards such as 3/4" Wood. See diagram for more mounting details.
<br>Use in Personal and/or Public modes. This combination cam lock is ideal for tool boxes, cabinets, drawers, mail box, cash box, DIY safe, school lockers or any other places where keys are not too much to manage. Help you solve the problem where people keep losing keys.
<br>Overall product size is 1.06" Width X 3.03" Height X 1.85" Deep. Lock tongue size is 1.25" Length X 0.07" Height. Gross weight is 0.16 bls. Cover and knob are made of black engineering plastic, core of lock is made of Zinc alloy. Install horizontally and vertically. The Defaul code is 0-0-0-0. Dual access lock comes with a master key. Refer to either the pictured instruction sheet of video for more details how the lock works. Itallation cut-out openning size is: 0.8X2.9"
<br>Shipping to Canada and Mexico: import duty and fees apply.
<br>To help you gain greater detail of this product, here is an instruction video: Or search "18619 lock" on youtube.