Round Wire Condiment Caddy w/ Sign Clip, Scroll Design - Black 19682

  • $8.09

These wire racks, table caddies are designed for tabletop use within restaurants and other food service establishments. Each of these condiment holders is constructed from steel and features an attractive, decorative scroll design. As a result, these units can be used in any casual or fine dining restaurant location. These table caddies provide a convenient yet organized means of presenting the necessary food seasoning items your dine-in patrons need. In fact, these units keep ketchup and mustard bottles, grated cheese and salt and pepper shakers neatly organized on your tables. These table caddies not only make the popular condiments accessible to customers, but they also help save your servers from having to make repeat trips to the kitchen, ensuring a quicker table turnover time.

These table caddies, also known as condiment holders, are seen used in a variety of locations, as they are both affordably priced and feature a neutral coloring. Restaurants are one of the most common places to find these metal racks. A caf¨¦ serving breakfast can fill the basket with syrup bottles, individual creamers, sugar packets, ketchup bottles, and salt and pepper shakers. These condiment racks can also be utilized at home during special occasions or private parties. This unit comes equipped with a built-in sign holder coil for displaying promotional signage, as well as table numbers or menu cards. This coil can also be used as a handle, for servers to easily take multiple baskets to the kitchen for filling.

Please Note: This item is not dishwasher safe. We recommend customers to wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Height x Diameter 9.0"x 7.8"
Material Steel
Color Black
Weight 1.0lbs
Placement Style Counter / Tabletop
Interior Height 1.5"
Interior Diameter 7.5"c