Condiment Caddy Table stove top Ketchup, Salt Peper Mustard Bottle Organizer, Scroll Design Chrome Finish 19690

  • $4.55

【Versatile Organization】 Save you TRIPS to get up to fetch ketch up or mustard or napkins or salt or pepper... Keep all at your finger tips to keep your kids or guest satisfied. Works great at diners, cafes and restaurants as well as home kitchen dining tables.
【Height x Diamete 9.0" x 7.72"】This condiment holder also features a signholder, in which you can post inspirational message or a table number, menu, or advertisement. Interior Width x Depth 7.5" x 1.4".
【Commercial Durability】 Fabricated from carbon steel and designed to withstand daily use in restaurants, cafes, diners and busy dining rooms
【Takes Less Space】Designed in two parts: Handle and basket, easy screw assembly and take down. Take minimal space to store. Center loop serves as finger handle for ease of moving around.
【Chrome Finish is Easy to Clean】Dishwasher safe.