24 x 36 Coroplast Sign Boards - Set of 2, 3/16" Thick - Black 119814

  • $28.00

Sized for sidewalk signs that hold 24" x 36" sign blanks
Set of (2) corrugated plastic inserts allows update single or double-sided sign holders
Corrugated plastic surface allows you to tape, tack, or print signage
3/16" thickness fits most a-frame signsDescription
Sign Blank: 24" x 36" Corrugated Plastic Signs
This sign blank is an inexpensive corrugated plastic insert. We supply the sign blank in sets of (2) inserts, allowing you to update a single or dual-sided sidewalk sign. The plastic sign blank is versatile. You may tape, tack, or print custom signage on this sign blank. Corrugated plastic, also known as a Coroplast? sign, is the preferred material for use in an a-frame sign.
The corrugated insert, sign blank is light weight and will not rust, splinter, or crack, unlike sign blanks made from aluminum, wood, or acrylic. Not only is a Coroplast? sign blank durable, it is inexpensive as well. Replacing your custom signage with a new plastic sign blank is an affordable way to update your advertising.
Overall Width x Height x Depth 24.0" x 36.0" x 0.1875"
Material Corrugated Plastic
Color Black
Media Size 24" x 36"