Cross, Christian White Acrylic Plexiglass 1803-Cross

  • $11.69

This 3-piece acrylic cross is highly visible and distinctive. Christian cross made of 1/8" white plexiglass ideal for podiums, tables, chairs and wall decoration.

Measures 16" tall, 8.25" wide, 1/8" deep. Among three images provided, the diagram shows its a 3 piece construction, the podium illustrated is not included in pricing of this cross.

Use double sided tape for application or permanent glue.

You can also use acrylic cement if you want to glue this cross on one of our clear acrylic podiums. 

The cross comes in three parts: 1 long vertical piece, 2 short cross pieces. At assembly, you can determine the height position. Then measure left and right to center the cross. Use doublesided tape or SMALL amount of permanent glue (such as Gorrila glue), avoid oozing out. Then apply the cross pieces at desired level using same method.