18 x 12" Vantage Cutting Mat Green 16101

  • $7.19

Fixture Displays 18 x 12" Vantage Cutting Mat Green.
* These mats are self-healing and constructed using premium PVC plastics, perfect for protecting your cutter and cutting surface.
* This specialized formation of plastic allows cuts to disappear, which greatly prolongs the life of the mat.
* For alignment, each vantage mat contains inch and metric measurements on the top surface as well as 1/2" grid lines. They also include scale lines for making diagonal cuts.
* Use these cutting mat, will ensure your cuts are straight, square, and to the exact size you need. Vantage mats are the perfect work surface for adults and children for cropping photographs, cutting, drawing, sewing, and tracing.
* Measures 18" wide, 12" height and 1/8" thickness. Color is green.