14.6" x 15.3" x 14.6" Sports Display Case w/ Lift-Off Acrylic Top Black Base w/ Removable Riser 19374

  • $137.72

Helmet Display Case That Is For Countertop Use
Acrylic riser included to hold round objects in place while on display.
Lift-off top for easy access and removal of memorabilia items.
Clear acrylic top permits viewers to see the presented item from all sides.
Black platform complements any countertop d????cor.
Constructed from UV protection acrylic to prevent the content from fading.

This plastic helmet display case features a simple design, enabling users to display a variety of collectibles! The spacious 14"x 14" x 14" interior provides users with plenty of room to showcase autographed footballs or basketballs, signed helmets, figurines, sculptures or trophies. Constructed from UV protection acrylic, with a black base and a clear top, this helmet display case is affordably priced and prevent the content from discoloring and fading. The see-through casing permits easy viewing from every angles. This acrylic cube, helmet display case that has a clear finish are sure to complement any d????cor. This item can be used in hobby stores to highlight new items or even a signed helmet. This countertop acrylic showcase, helmet display case can also be found in schools or residential areas displaying collectibles or awards. Each displayer can also be given as a gift to any sporting goods collector.
This helmet display case that features a lift-off top, like helmet displayers, enable users to easily access the displayed items. This non-lockable countertop showcase is not meant for museum use. Ea" of this helmet display case includes a removable riser to hold round objects in place, such as a basketball or football. The ring can also be removed to exhibit any flat-base items. Your priceless collectibles will be protected from dust and other damaging elements in this helmet display case. Acrylic showcase, like the ones seen here, is also available in other sizes as well. Purc