Pet Shampoo, Dogs and Cats 12199

  • $1.85

Reduces Odor. Moisturizes. Refreshing Fragrance. Contains Aloe, Vitamine B5 Cream, Avocado, Cocanut Oil... Excellent pet dog cat shampoo for your best friend.
Our truly unique formula is designed to clean the dirtiest pets while creating a shiny luxurious coat. Protein and aloe vera replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. Routine bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny and looking great.
Directions: Wet coat and apply a generous amount of the shampoo, massaging it well into the coat. Rinse thoroughly then dry. Repeat as necessary.
SOAP FREE: Will not impact ADVANTAGE, FRONTLINE, BIOSPOT & other Spot-on flea products.