®Plinko Board Donation Box Fundraising Stand Kid Fun Coin Drop Game Charity Kiosk 18138NEW

  • $139.84

Plinko Board Donation Box Fundraising Stand Kid Fun Coin Drop Game Charity Kiosk. This fun plinko board kids friendly donation box is a great addition to any business establishment: airports, supermarkets, gas stations, churches and other places with large flow of people.
The collection box is made of clear acrylic with metal frame.
Size of the acrylic box is 44.5x23.5x0.9 ".
There are 8 coin slots on the top and 4 cash slots on the bottom. Can take donations from both sides, and fits for tall and short individuals.
Watch the coin railing down and make dashing sounds.
Locked at bottom of the collection box. Openning the door allows quick and easy way to access collected coins paper bills will not work with this unit.  God bless u if you got many bills in there and block your coin drop, you will have to use wire to fish your bills out.The bottom of the box is 15.5" above the floor.
Two side leg panels are made of black melamine finished MDF re-inforced with metal tubes.
Overall size 23.6x23x60", packaging size 48x26x2.7", gross weight 35.6 LBS.
For your convenience here is a link to assembly video: https://youtu.be/hTGeb9YRpao. You can also search“18138 Plinko Board Donation Floor Stand Fundraising event party cause fixturedisplays INSTRUCTIONS” on youtube to locate the video.You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/18138.AVI