Comment Collection Box Suggestion Fund raising Donation Feedback Charity Box

  • $49.99

This collection donation charity, suggestion, fundraising box with Oak MDF wood finish looks great in any location. Customizable sign holder provides space for your Graphics. Side pocket conveniently holds cards for display. Security pen with long chain ensures pen won't be taken or misplaced.
Comes with two keys and a lock on top. Mounting block and hardware supplied for wall-mount applications.


  • Box: 9-1/2''W x 13-7/8''H x 9-1/2''D.
  • Inside Box: 8-3/4''W x 13-3/4''H x 8-7/8''D.
  • Pocket: 5-7/16'W x 5-3/16''H x 5/8''D
  • Inside Pocket: 4-3/4''W x 4-3/4''H x 1/2''D.
  • Slot: 5''W x 3/8''H, 1''H at circle.

Weight: 6.5lbs.

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