ACRYLIC "DOG-HOUSE" SHAPED DONATION BOX 5" W x 10" H x 6" D WITH A Small Pad-Lock 14706

  • $16.15

Acrylic "Dog House" Donation Collection Box.
Made out of a strong acrylic material. Overall Dimensions: 5" W x 10" H x 6" D Collection Container: 5" W x 4.25" H x 6" D Sign Holder: 5" W x 9.875" H Slot Size: 2?" L x 3/16" W Each "Dog House" Donation Boxes has a built in Small Pad Lock with 2 keys allowing secure storage for collected items.
These box is a perfect solution for any Fundraising program.
Each Donation Boxes has a folded back wall used as a Sign Holder, where you can display your slogan on any visual information.
Many people refer to it as Fundraising, Donation, Suggestion, or simply Ballot Box.
Yes, you can use them for any of these purposes.
You can use it as a Ballot Collection Box or just as a Piggy Bank.

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