Wall Mount Counter Suggestion Box Donation Box Drop Box Ballot Box Prayer Box

  • $16.36

Steel Drop Box can be used as a mail collection box for all outgoing or incoming mail. This box can also be used to keep private office correspondence confidential as well as a drop box for checks, keys, suggestion cards and envelopes or any materials dropped off after hours. It features a full piano hinged door and is constructed of durable, heavy-gauge steel with a scratch resistant finish. The drop slot measures 9.6 Inches wide x 1/3 Inches deep and the box measures 12 x 3 x 10 inches. These sturdy units mount securely to any wall or door. It includes a durable lock with two keys. Use as a mail collection box for all outgoing and incoming mailFull piano hinged doorScratch resistant finishHelps keep private office correspondence confidentialMounts securely to any wall or doorMeasures 10" x 3" x 12"

Multiple units buyers, all locks are keyed alike for ease of management. If you need unique keyed locks, please contact us to arrange purchase.