Donaton Fundrasiging Coin Collection Metal Tin Can Piggy Bank 10PK 15624

  • $26.48

Listing is for 10 Metal Donation Cans/Jars. These metal charity cans are great to jump start your fundraising efforts. USe these cans to collect coin donations and even dollar bills. Place in multiple locations that are easy to access for high traffice countertop areas for best results.
Easy to place in schools, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, churches, office buildings to get your cause of charity noticed.
Also works great as a piggy bank. This can made from quality tin metal. Color is natural silver tin.                                                                                                                          Overall Length x Width x Height: 3.6" x 2.6"x 5"; Slot Length x Width: 2" x 1/4"; Each can weight: 0.3 lbs.