Donation Charity Ballot Box Fundraising Plinko Board Tradeshow Game Donation Box

  • $91.38

FixtureDisplays Wall-mounted Funny Donation/Charity Box For Fundraisings Plinko Board Tradeshow Games. The Donation Box makes fundraising fun and easy. Backdrop print can be easily customized as your need. Clear coid drop track makes an interesting sound and visual experience.
This Donation Box works great at fundraising events, museums and galleries, hospitals, banks and financial institutions, schools, movie theaters, malls, retail stores and more.
Design with two coin holes and one paper money slot, one hole is for small kid to use and the higher hole is for bigger kids to use. When coin get into the hole, will go along with designed pathway and finally drop in the bottom organizer, is very novel and fun!
Made from high quality acrylic, pine wood & MDF melamine, extremely beautiful and durable!
Two key and lock for each donation box, secure the entire unit.
Measure 15.7" width x 23.6" height x 1" depth;
Color: White.
Weight: 7.7 lbs.
Intallation in minutes! Wall mounting hardware included.
* Multiple unit buyers, locks are keyed alike.