Premium 6.5ft Baby Edge Protector Edge Guard Childproofing Table Edge Bumper

  • $2.01

Fixture Displays Premium 6.5ft Baby Edge Protector, Edge Guard, Childproofing Edge, Table Edge Protector, Baby Bumper Guard, Baby Proof Table Protector.
This Baby Proof Table Protector can be attached to the edge and corner of your table, desk, wall, TV cabinet and anywhere around the home, school, hospital, preschool, Daycare, to protect your baby and kids from painful bumps or scratch when walking, eating and other daily activities.
This Baby Proof Table Protector is eco-friendly and naturally fire retardant. No heavy metals and no latex ensure safety to baby.
Comes with one roll 3M tape, provides a strong hold than normal tape, even can attach to the walls and more.
This table protector use the thickness of 11.9mm material without effecting the softness. Also, the good feel material can fit the edge better for secure adhesive. Wash with toothpaste when dirty.
Package Includes: 1 x Protector Edge Strip (6.5ft); 1 x 3M Tape.
Color: Creamy-White.