200N Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close Lid Support Hinges Pneumatic Lifter 2PK 15429

  • $9.54

200N Gas Pillar Heavy Duty Soft Cover Support Hinge Automatic Slow Drop Safety Pneumatic Lid Lifter Pneumatic Lid Lifter Gas Spring 2 Pack
Permanent closure design - an excellent safety solution for heavy hinged lids,
the lid will slowly and gently lower to avoid crushing fingers
Keep the lid open - these hinges will keep the lid open until you push it down.
No longer have to worry about supporting the lid to open
Robust - 200N heavy-duty gas struts can support lids up to 30 lbs and gently lower;
2 hinges double the weight support (60 lbs/2 pieces)
75¡ã-105¡ã Opening Angle - Each hinge can be used for right-hand or left-hand installation.
Ensure that the hinge is installed at 75¡ã-105¡ã and the opening angle can be adjusted, depending on the actual situation.
¡ùThe placement size of the hinges installed on the side panels has not been adjusted.
Reminder-Double hinges are not suitable for lids with a width exceeding 50 inches (approximately 127 cm) and a height exceeding 25 inches (approximately 63.5 cm) and must have a gap of 22.86 cm. If your lid does not meet the specified size and weight requirements, the hinge will not work