188 Fishing Accessories Kit Jig Hooks Casting Sinker Tackle Box 5X4X1.2"

  • $9.48

* 188 pcs fishing tackles set collects nearly all small accessories including Off set hooks / barrel swivels / barrel snap swivels / swivel slides / Three way cross-line barrel swivels / Sequins / split shot weights / fishing beads / Barrel Swivel with Safety Snap / Fishing Leaders / Heart Shaped Plastic Sheet to lure fish / Fishing Sinker Weights / Space Beans. Does Not include bobbers.
* Anti-Corrosion Treated Steel, fit for salt water or fresh water fishing.
* Kit is great for all skill levels either beginner or advanced fisherman.
* Comes in a nice carrying box that measures 4.7" x 3.9" x 1.2", weighs 8.8 oz. Easily fit into your pocket.
* Great value for your money. Enjoy it for your next fishing trip, or gift to someone who is starting out or love fishing.