FixtureDisplays® #10 1 3/4" Wood Screw 100PCS Stainless Steel Counter Sunk Head Self Tapping Wood Screws 318387

  • $4.82

* Made from Stainless Steel, these #10 1 3/4" self tapping screws are built to last. Use indoors or outdoors. Great for drywall, decks, barns, sheds. Philips drive.
* Counter Sunk head keeps your finished surface smooth. Screw head 25/64" diameter. Recess diameter 7/64". Pitch 5/64". Drive type: PH2
* Stainless steel self taping screw can easily pass through a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, thin metal, etc. Use for everyday carpentry, repairs around your house, shops.
* 100 pieces value Pack.
* Thread pitch is lower than coarse type screws thus creating greater grip to achieve superior fastening.
* Stainless steel fasteners would not rust like other screws, thus making it ideal for areas requiring higher quality and durability such as roof tops, decks, barns or areas with higher humidity.