FixtureDisplays® 12" Color Contour Cut Square or Round Custom Logo Emblem Crest Sign Plaque Symbol For Church Business Office Company Acrylic Plaque 15901-Color-12-Contour-Cut

  • $195.00

* Contour Cut Color logo is digitally printed full color on white substrate. Logo is then traced (or contour cut) on a plotter. Once logo outline is cut, you can choose to recieve this traced logo, and laminate to a desired surface on your own, or we can laminate to a 3mm (1/8") thick acrylic plaque for you, and you mount this plaque to desired surface with twin stick tape or your other ahesive of choice. Allow 2mm or about for registration tolerance.
* Your plaque will be either 12" square or round 12" diameter. A logo or emblem, help enhance brand recognition and build customer/ congregation loyalty. A professional sign instantly raise profile of your establishment. We also sell fanicier stand-off metal hardware. Wish for even higher end material such as metal, chemical etching? Let us know.
* To remove white background, this is called "contour cut". Contour cut takes your logo out of white background, and use transfer tape to mount your logo to acrylic plaque, thus where there is no print, there is no color. This option allow your logo to stand out more without interference of white background "noise". Order this using proper listing link.
* Send logo to: Don't have good artwork? Don't worry, send us anything you have. Start at $25, we can re-create your artwork depending on your logo complexity. A high resolution artwork is important to a good looking logo.
* Allow 3-5 business days to make. If your need is immediate, please contact us for expediting. We could turn around in a day. Other common logo options: Laser Square or Round; Laser Cut to Shape; Color Logo Round or Square; Color Logo Cut to Shape; Color Logo Contour Cut. These are offered in 10.5", 12" and custom sizes. Note: Size refers to the plaque/print media. Text/logo will be slightly smaller to allow proper margin.