FixtureDisplays® 12PK 4 x 9" Clear Acrylic Sign Holder for Tabletops, Vertical Table Tent Frame Photo Sign Menu, Bottom Insert 11193-2-4X9-12PK Peel off protective film (white) before use.

  • $23.88

This listing is for 12pk sign holders. Sign Holder 4" x 9" Picture Frame Menue Holder Table Tent - Top selling picture frame for images printed with a portrait (vertical) format. 4" wide x 9" high bottom loading sign holder. Paper slips in easily through the bottom and or sides. Holds two 4" wide by 9" high sheets back-to-back for double sided viewing.
This sign holder, also known as a menu card holder, is an effective yet econoimcal means of advertising in a restaurant. Most dining facilities and bars use some method of promoting new food and beverage items at each table. The 4x9" size does not consume a lot of the valuable tabletop space. Each menu card holder features a bottom-loading design to allow for quick and effortless signage changes. Users can simply spread the base apart slightly to remove old images, and slide in new prints. Ideal to display signs, menus, lists, prints, images, graphics and more!
Measures 4" wide x 9" high x 2.5" deep.
Made from 5/64" (2mm) acrylic.
If your purchase comes with protective film, please remove film before use. PEEL OFF PROTECTIVE FILM BEFORE USE PLEASE.
Peel off protective film (white) before use.