FixtureDisplays 2 in 1 Water Meter Key with Lid Opener Contractor Grade T-Handle - Curb Valve Key Wrench Tool for Curb Main Water Shutoff Valve 12X32X1.2" 19300

  • $19.13

* This full length 32" long water meter key make it easy to take off lid and turn T-head water meter valve on or off. Shaft and handle made of super sturdy rebar. Key weighs 4 lbs.
* 32" length is super comfortable to use, save your back from bending, expecially in crowded hard to reach spaces. Vinyl covered handles are easy to grip and hold. Handle is 12" left to right each side about 6".
* Manhole Lid opener conveniently located on top of handle. You get two tools in one.