FixtureDisplays® Beech Wood Charge Dock Station for Apple Watch, Tablet, Smartphones, Watch Charge Stand w/ Pen Holder 16051

  • $4.23

Beech Wood Apple Watch Tablet Smartphones Display Stand w/ Pen Holder. A must have for Apple Watch users to organize your desktop. A nice partner for your multiple Apple device. Based on a beech wood, this watch stand features with 3 docking place for your items and a stylish design of detachable stand for Apple Watch.
As a bonus, its three extra holes can work as pen holder, no need to worry missing pens any more! A combination sense of natural and classic docking system for all your mobile devices. Accurate openings for Apple Watch charger and cable, no charge openings for other devices.
This multifunctional wood stand is designed for modern home and office to keep your desk clean and tidy. Keep your phones, tablets, Apple Watch, lightning cable and pens in a tidy way. Never worry about them on your desk in a mess way or even missing!
Overall Dimesions: 10.7" width x 5.0" height x 5.3" depth.