FixtureDisplays® Dried Black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms 9 Ounce 250 Grams Muer Northeast China Great Xingan Mountain 15540

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* 9 Oz (250 grams) Black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms (Auricularia Polytricha). Professionally dried. Re-hydration up to 10 times size after proper reconstitution. So try small amount if you are new with Woodear Mushrooms. Grown in Far North China - Da Xingan Ling Mountain. This slow growth Black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms is top notch quality. Super clean.
* Great to use on salads, cold dishes, soup, stir fry, pasta sauce, and slow stews with beef, lamb or pork. You can serve whole, or sliced/ chopped depending on your preference. For recipes - we recommend youtube search "wood ear recipe". Our top recommendations are: Woodear Salad, Stir Fry Woodear and Green Oninon, Woorear Beef Stew.
* To reconstitute, soak in water of any temperature from cold (30-60 minutes) to boiling hot (15-30 minutes) then rinse clean. With higher water temperature, the reconstitued woodear would be slightly softer. Reconstitued woodear can be kept in the fridge and remain fresh for a few days.
* Woodear mushrooms are widely believed by the Chinese to have significant health benfits for the heart and lung.
* Black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms has a unique pleasant crunchy texture and a soft bite. Black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms has an intriguing neutral taste, and picks up seasoning flavor with a soft, easy to blend body. A must have for stylish contemporay cooking. Store in dry cool places (your regular pantry is just fine). Refrigeration of dried black Fungus Woodear Mushrooms is not required unless your area is extremely humid.