FixtureDisplays® Two-Tier Tubular Cam Lock with Unique Key & Master Key, 3/4" Cylinder, Mailbox Cabinet Drawer 15252-2TIER LOCK

  • $3.83

FixtureDisplays Two-Tier Tubular Cam Lock with UNIQUE keys. A Master Key can be ordered separately to open all unique locks. 3/4" Cylinder, ideal for mailbox, cabinet, drawer to use. This two tiered tubular cam lock with a 0.59" cylinder (stem) length, thread on stem is 0.48" long – this is the max wall thickness thread can reach allow at least a couple of threads to work with locking nut, 0.7" straight cam with a 90 degree turn. The cylinder fits a standard 3/4" hole. Suitable to lock a variety of boxes, such as donation boxes, craft boxes. Each lock comes with 2 identical keys. Does not come with Master Key.