FixtureDisplays® Versatile Smart Mirror Magic Mirror with Clock Weather News Bathroom Office Mirror 18189

  • $152.35

A versatile Smart Mirror that can make your day at home, work, or a public place. Smart magic mirror has a two way mirror and build in electronic screen to display weather, time, calendar, news and inspirational messages. You can put it on your desk in your workspace as a nice personal assistant and decoration.
- You can hang it in your house as a decoration and personal assistant.You can hang it in your bathroom or bedroom to look at while you are getting ready to start your day to fill you in on the weather, time, news, etc. You can hang it in a restaurant restroom, or a travel stop restroom. The mirror comes with an instruction sheet. Read it carefully and follow along exactly during the setup of the Smart Mirror, to ensure the features work properly. The Smart Mirror is a mirror that has a variety of added features for your convenience: [Built-in screen]: This mirror has a built in screen, which can be seen through the two-way mirror. [Clock]: The built-in screen can display an digital clock in 12-hour time, and it shows the date and the day of the week. [Calendar]: The built-in screen can display a calendar of all upcoming US holidays. [Weather]: The built-in screen can display the weather forecast in your location, telling you the weather forecast of the next week. The forecast shows you the temperature highs and lows the weather icon that tells you if it is raining, snowing, sunny, etc. [News]: The built-in screen can display the latest news headlines, which are fetched from The New York Times. It displays one headline at a time, which changes at a 10-second interval. It also tells you when the headline was posted. [Compliments]: The built-in screen can display a variety compliments and motivational phrases, based on what time of day it is. [Dimensions]: Mirror: 18" Long x 12" Tall x 2" Deep; Frame: 17.5 x 11.6 x 1.9", 7" Screen; 1 Yard Power Cord; 110V/220V dual.