2PK Disposable Farm Fly Trap Fly Catcher Lawn Garden Camping Fly Catcher

  • $3.87

Fixture Displays 2PK of Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap Fly Catcher for Lawn, Garden, Camping and Farm Use.
Disposable and environmentally safe.
No pesticides! Will not harm beneficial insects.
Easy to use! Complete with attractant (Included), just add water to the two-layer durable plastic fly trap and hang it.
The flies enter, cannot escape and drown.
When the bag is full, close the top and put the trap into the trash. You will be amazed at how well this trap works.
These fly traps are perfect for pest control in lawn, garden, camping, farm and more.
Attractant also can be food or feed additives with other safe or inert ingredients.
Measures 8.2" width x 8.6" height x 3.1" depth.
This listing is for TWO fly traps.