• $28.31

【Gret Organizer for Condiments】3-Shelf Condiment Organizer, you can also choose to install 2 shevels and allow taller items. Perfect item for restaurants, break rooms, kitchens and homes to keep cups, straws, glasses organized.
【Super Sturdy】Made from manufactured wood (MDF) with black melamine water resistant finish. Color: black.
【Dimensions: 14"W x 15"H x 12"D.】 Display weighs 16 lbs. This is many times heavier than cheap plastic versions.
【Removable Dividers】Pre-positioned dividers sits in slots for easy categorization. Dividers can be removed to fit wider items. You can also re-position them. Top tier positions: 6.6" wide/ 4.6" wide/ 1.5" wide. Middle and bottom tiers positions: 4" equal width. Tier Clearance: 3.9"; Height between Bottom and Middle Tier: 5".
【Asssembly Video】Full length assembly video to make sure u have no trouble putting it together: https://youtu.be/tYZ3_Y_Zucg. Important: keep screws loose to allow minor adjustments, especially for back panel to fit into groove. Then do final tightening.
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