8.5" Plastic Tongs with Scallop Design - Clear 19480

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These restaurant supplies, kitchen plastic tongs are a great addition to restaurants, bakeries, catered events, cafeterias and other food services. The scallop clamps not only can be used in commercial environments, but they can also be used in residential settings for gatherings, parties and everyday use. In fact, because these plastic tongs for ice cubes are constructed from polycarbonate, they are inexpensive and virtually unbreakable. Why spend extra on expensive wood or stainless steel clamps? If well maintained, these ice cube plastic tongs that are made from polycarbonate can last long and be used for many years to come. Other than the restaurant fixtures seen here, customers can also find rectangular trays, candy scoops and food covers that can be used together with these salad clamps (see right hand corner). Order these plastic tongs in bulk for more savings! Place ice cube clamps on the table, making food accessible to customers and encourage them to use the tong for serving.
Please Note: This product is not dishwasher safe. We strongly recommend customers wash it by hand.
Scallop Tong: 3";
Weight: less than 1 lb.
Overall Length 8.5";
Material Polycarbonate;
Color Clear.