Plastic Tongs with Holster and Wire Connector - Gray NL 4230T 19482

  • $35.63

Gray hard plastic exterior for matching almost any decor.Wire attaches the tong to the holster so it will never get lost.Holster snaps onto bins for customer recognition.Sold separately from acrylic bins and scoop spoons.Gray Scoop Tong w/ Snap on Holster for Food Servicescoop tongsEasy snap on attachment of scoop tong and holster to quickly pull out the edibles of choice.
These items work in tandem with acrylic restaurant bins.
This scoop tong with holster are a great addition to restaurants, bakeries, buffets, convenience stores, and any other place is sold. Customers and employees alike can use this accessory without worrying about contaminating the goods.
This scoop tong and snap on holster is great to have with any bulk food dispenser, acrylic bin, or food display! Allows for easy pick up of food out of the bin display.
This scoop tong has a long handle for easy wielding.
Customers will have no problem grasping the restaurant accessory and pulling out the desired good.
This scoop tong keeps food displays organized at all times. The holsters keep the restaurant accessory in the same place when not in use.
This scoop tong attaches to the holster with a wire, so absent minded customers cannot walk off with the display. People could drop the accessory and will not touch the ground.
This scoop tong is designed to clasp upon all sorts of dry goods. Bagels, doughnuts, candies, and many other selections are easy for customers to grab.
This scoop tong and holster have a gray exterior for a subtle coloring. The exterior is matches most acrylic bins and eatery decors.
This scoop tong and holster snap on fast for immediate use. Once installed, customers and employees can enjoy this accessory for a long time.**Bulk scoop tongs are sold separately from the food bins.
Scoop Spoons (see below) are also sold!SpecificationsOverall Width x Depth x Length 4.0" x 3.0" x 10.0"Material PlasticColor GrayPlacement Style Clip on / Clamp BaseOrdering InformationIn StockDelayed ShipmentProduct does NOT ship on a same day basis.Please add 4 business day(s) when determining the lead time.