12 Gallon Food Bin w/ Sliding Door   Wheels - White 19488

12 Gallon Food Bin w/ Sliding Door Wheels - White 19488

  • $465.04

This scoop bin is the ideal choice for bulk food storage due to its 21"h x 23"d x 9"w dimensions. This large edible container is able to accommodate 12 gallons of dry food. This scoop bin is a great addition to eateries that want to put the display in full view or behind the counter. The design of the storage container is rounded in order to prevent foods from getting trapped within the display. This scoop bin comes with a large ladle and holder for conveniently spooning out the contents. The holster attaches directly to the container for easy place to store the ladle. This scoop bin is constructed entirely from polycarbonate, which is much stronger than traditional acrylic restaurant accessories. The material is all NSF approved to maintain freshness and keep bugs out. This scoop bin also eliminates UV rays from iinterfering with the edibles. The contrents remains fresh, reducing the oxidation of oils.This scoop bin has four black casters at the base to help employees position the large container in the precise position necessary. The wheels are especially handy when the unit is completely full. This scoop bin has a label holder on the lid for easy identification of the contents. The signage display is designed with quick label changes to correspond with the various foods inside. This scoop bin is completely dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. The food display is one piece to eliminate the hassle of scrubbing numerous parts individually and then assembling the unit again. This restaurant container is an eco-friendly model, manufactured without waste.