Garden Green Plastic Round 11.8X11.8" Planter Resin Glazed Faux Ceramic Light 15675

  • $12.85

【Glazed Ceramic Planter Look, Light Weight Resin Core】This pot planter features attractive green glazed look, easy to clean, yet only weighs 2.4 pounds with resin core. Use indoor or outdoor
【11.8 inches Diameter X 11.8 inches Tall】Bottom diameter is 7 inches. Decorative flower pots holds 4 gallons of soil
【Comes with Saucer and Drain Hole Cover】Plastic saucer is 8.5 inches in diameter, 1 inches tall. Plastic drain hole cover filter keeps soil in the pot yet allow excess water to drain. Cover measures 3 inches diameter X 1 inch tall
【Molded Flower Planter】Molded from recylced plastic resin regrind. Low carbon footprint. Planter wall thickness: 0.4 inches
【Hand Glazed Fine Workmanship】Hand painted glaze, green color
【Assembly Video】Video Instructions link: You can also search "15675 faux ceramic resin planter 4 gallon 12 inch pot fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: