Gridwall Fixture w/ Wheels, (12) Baskets (50) 6" Peg Hooks, Gondola Design - Black 19371

  • $147.53

Gridwall Gondola:Features simple to assemble and move easily to everywhere you want.Pre-Packaged System Mobile With Use Of Non-Locking Casters.This is all that is needed for a complete display system. We offer gridwall displays and accessories in many other configurations. Please see related items in other styles to the right. This gridwall gondola ships freight, knocked down. While one person can assemble it alone, we suggest you have two people do it. Gridwall fixtures are ideal to display almost any type of merchandise. Gridwall is an extremely versatile, durable, attractive and inexpensive display. This gridwall gondola, a type of gridwall fixture, is a very popular configuration among retail clients. Our customers like the fact that it can easily be changed or modified, it lets light through, it looks good and it is easy on their budgets. Includes:
(8) 24" Wide x 32'" High Black Grid Panels
(8) zip-ties
(12) 24" Wide x 4" High x 12" Deep Baskets
(50) 6" Hooks
Basket: 24" Wide x 4" High x 12" Deep
Hook: 6" Long With 30 Degree Angled Tip;
Specifications: SKU GRDGNDLBKT;
Overall Width x Height x Depth: 48.0" x 74.0" x 24.0";
Material: Metal;
Color: Black;
Placement Style: Floor Standing;
Number of Baskets: 12
Hook Length: 6.0"; Number of Hooks: 50