American Flag Gun Cabinet Safe with Lock 2 Keys Wall Mount Art Decor Concealed Metal Wood Storage

  • $75.84

This American flag gun cabinet safe can be proudly displayed in any room with pride. Cabinet case is made from cold rolled steel, silk screen printed white red blue, and lightly distressed for aged rugged timeless look.
A great gift item to veterans, fathers, husbands, gun freedom lovers. Keep your man items caved in this stylish box: hand gun, liquor bottle, passports, cash, treasured collectibles.
The discreet design allows you to keep your items perfectly concealed in plain sight. Comes with a lock with 2 keys. Wall mount holes and four screws provided.
Be sure to find studs for best results.
Lock helps keep the panels shut there are no magnetic catches in this design. Multiple units buyers, keys are keyed alike so you have one one set of keys to manage. If you need unique keys, contact us.
Keep the cabinet locked at all times to avoid minors access to weapon and or liquor.
Flag panel opens up to reveal two hiden compartments to help sort and organize your items. Full thickness foams are included. You can simply trace your gun and other objects and cut out with a knife. Or if you like you can discard foams for more open space. Measures 22.2" Wide X 14.7" Tall X 2.9" Deep, weigh 10 lbs.