90 Degrees Angles Aluminum Alloy Glass Clamp Holder Corner Bracket Glass up to 8.3 mm (0.34") Thickn

  • $8.01

. Kit includes 8 corner brakets: 4 large each four screws; 4 small each with 2 screws. Set screws included. Commonly used in glass fire pit shields and other DIY projects. Great to secuare and fasten four sheets up to 8mm thick into square or rectangle border enclosures.
. Suitable for 8 mm Thickness glass or other hard materials.
. Made from aluminum alloy material, annodized to perfection.
. Make your DIY project easy! Quickly assemble a fire pit glass shield, or make a glass cube display case.
. Need additional screws or parts? We got it. Sales ATT FixtureDisplays Kalm