4PK Stainless Steel Advertisment Nuts Standoffs 19x28mm Standoff Hardware Frame

  • $1.94

FixtureDisplays 4PK Stainless Steel Advertisment Screws Metal Standoffs 19 x 28mm Standoff Hardware for Glass Plaxiglass Frame. These decorative standoffs are easy to install. Perfect to use in glass, plexiglass, as a standoff pin for flush mounted or surface mounted glass attachments.
Nut diameter 0.75". Nut thickness is 0.15" (4mm), washer is 1mm thick each. Standoff part is 0.78" (20mm). Total thickness is 1.1" (28mm). Overal measurement is 0.75" diameter 1.1" thick.
Thread Diameter: 0.39"(10mm);
Screw Hole Diameter: 0.2"(5mm);
Material: Stainless Steel;
Quantity: 4 pcs.