Soft Comfortable Versatile Headband Yoga Exercise Running Hair Band Sweatband

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Two pieces! With removable knots and fold details, you can design these headbands according to your mood, hairstyle or activity. Loose, turban style, folds, front folds-just to illustrate a few options. Completely reversible.
Comfortable to absorb sweat. The high-quality silky soft rayon viscose fabric made of natural wood cellulose can absorb sweat and provide maximum comfort.
Happy head promises. We hate headband pain as much as you do. We designed our headband to be very comfortable and will not slip. Most likely you even forget to wear them yourself. If it is not suitable for you, you can return it for free.
Many seasons. Wear a headband and use it as a sweat headband on cold or windy days. You can also wear a headband on warm days or wear a headband on cold days (or days with lazy hair!).
Authentic. BLOM's original multi-style headband inspires others to create similar products. Buy BLOM understand that what you buy is the best knowledge of the original! Crafted in Bali, Indonesia.