Bluetooth Earphone Headphones Hands Free Calling Earppiece Remote Headphone

  • $8.35

Fixture Displays Mini Bluetooth Headphones Earpiece With Hands Free Calling & Crystal Clear Sound 15957. This innovative gadget is one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets that allow you to enjoy high definition music, receive calls with high clarity. Very easy to carry and in style everywhere you go. The speaking caller ID makes it very convenient to figure out who's calling, as it reads the caller's number, and eliminates the need to look at the mobile screen to figure out the caller. The earplug sits comfortably in the ear without causing any inconvenience and has a minimal and elegant design to ensure that even if used for long hours, it doesn't cause any ear pain. Come with mini USB charging cable. Plug in any USB port to charge.
Product Dimension: 1.2 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches;
Product weight: about 0.3 ounces;
Color: gold.