1 Litre USB Humidifier White 15811

  • $13.49

Fixture Displays 1 Liter USB Adaptor Humidifier White 15811. Come with USB cable. Requires a USB outlet to run. This 1 Litre humidifier is a comfortable personal companion. Use at office, RV, bedroom, apartment, saloon etc. Can work well for 400 sf of space. This cool mist humidifier comes with a high quality stone filter that will keep the humidifier clean; This himidifier produces a soft and healthy mist. Easily adjust the vapor flow with the control knob. 1 L capacity permits over 7 hours of use at low setting. Auto shut-off. Microporous Filter Cartridge filters out microorganisms and negative ions from water for a cleaner and healthier vaporizer humidifier mist. Ultrasonic technology runs silently, providing cool humidifying mist without excess noise. Question: cs@fixturedisplays.com.