40 Keys Cabinet Digital Lock Electronic Key Safe Keyless Storage Box for Keys

  • $71.17

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION & 40 BONUS KEY TAGS: Made from carbon steel. Weigh a solid 20 lbs. Scratch-resistant powder coating inside and out. This digital key safe provides quick, keyless access and offers excellent protection for your keys. Suggest use stud finder to mount on a stud. Come with side slot for off-hour quick drop. Slot measures: 1.7X2.3". To use this key box outdoors please consider cover the unit with a roof.
KEYLESS ACCESS: This strudy key safe box features a programmable, easy to use electronic lock. Initial use: Use provided override keys (2) to open then install 4 AA batteries (not provided). Now you are ready to use the Default code 159E to open. Push red button insdie to reset new code. Code should be 3 to 8 digits. Take a picture of your key and file it safely - key is numbered for unique identification. Key panel has a buzzer & LED lights indicators displaying each operation and power status. To purchase additional keys, yes u can: CS FixtureDisplays Kalm. You must have your key number handy.
CONVINIENT & VERSATILE USE: With dimensions 4 x 12 x 14.3 inches, weight 20 pounds and 40 key holder hooks, electronic key storage cabinet provides the perfect solution for convenient and secure key organization. Ideal for hotels, parking garages, body shops, concierges desk, car dealerships, property managers, real estate offices, alesmen or other professionals, who use and store different types of keys daily.
WALL MOUNT: This digital key box will be delivered to you with pre-drilled holes inside the safe. Mounting to drywall - use your own drywall screws. Do try to mount on a stud. Mount on brick or concrete walls - four anchor bolts are provided.
VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: For your convience a detailed installation video has bee provided. Assembly video: https://youtu.be/kU7w9wNrx5s. You can also search¡°15318 Lock Safe Wallmount Key Drop key Box Fixturedisplays Instructions¡± on youtube to locate the video.You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/15318.AVI