Ring Toss Game, Kids Games Improve Eye-Hand Coordination and Fine Motor Skills 16855

  • $3.11

Fixture Displays Ring Toss Game, fun kids games for the family. The elite ring toss game set includes 5 durable rope rings, a solid wood base with point markings.
Kids games can help positively channel a child's physical and mental energies. Games play can also help a child improve concentration skills and teach the importance of task completion, they can improve their own self esteem.
Group games help kids become more socially adept. Not only do kids improve their interpersonal skills, they learn valuable lessons about team spirit and healthy competition.
Kids can improve eye-hand coordination as well as fine motor skills and even facilitate the understanding of complex math equations.
Assembly is very easy! Assembled Size: 19" width x 5.1" height x 19" depth.