17 Pcs Premium Grade T12 Drop Forged Alloy Steel File Set with Carry Case, Precision Flat/Triangle/H 15291

  • $9.83

All 16-piece files are made of T12 Drop forged alloy steel. Use these files to help sharpening an axe, taking burrs off metal, removing rust, finish off your wood hobby cars... The grinding teeth are deep-grinded and tempered to provide durable cutting and filing performance. These files are long-lasting wear-resistant. Comes with a small steel-bristle brush to clean the files before putting them back in the case to keep them clean and in good working condition. Makes a great gift for someone good with their hands.
The 17-piece file set contains 4 large files-flat / triangular / semicircular / round / round files and 12 precision needle files, and one cleaning brush.
Packed in a sturdy compact carrying case organizer for storage and carrying. Each tool is tightly attached to its position to prevent movement and scratches.