33" L 21" W Lead Apron Velcro Closure Vest And Skirt Combo for X-Ray MRI CT Radiation Protection 15450

  • $187.19

The Jacket vest and Skirt Apron fits up to 160lbs individuals. Do check detailed measurements to ensure fit. Lead Apron offers great protection for torso and shoulders for X-Ray, MRI and CT Radiation.
* 0.5mm Pb equivalency protection front and back. Hook and Loop closure for snug fit.
* Asian model weigh 160 lbs 5' 8" height (fit was proper for his build).
* Caucasian model weigh 165 lbs 6' 1" height (it's a tight fit in his case).
* Vest Jacket circumference is 40". Measure your technician??s bust to ensure fit.
* Jacket height is 23". Velcro closure.

Skirt circumference at bottom: 69". Comes in tri-fold. Each fold is 23??. This skirt should fit most people if not all given the large size.
Skirt circumference at top: 54".
Skirt height is 22". Comes with shoulder straps.
** Collar in picture is not included in the listing.