36 x 72 LED Light Box for Wall Mount Use, Snap Open - Black 119037

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For use with 36" x 72" translucent posters
Only .83" thick
Bulb lasts for 100,000 hours (11+ years) of continuous use
Engraved diffusion pattern distributes light across the panel so that your graphics are slightly brighter in the center
Distributes light from the edge: No hot and cold spots
8mm acrylic, light guided panel diffuses light more powerfully
3-chip LED technology for extra-strength luminance
Lower energy costs. If you are looking for lightbox panels with adequate brightness and little maintenance, then we've got the product for you! Powered by innovative LED technology, these lightbox panels offer bright, even lighting in our thinnest profile ever. Measuring just .83" thick, these lightbox panels are some of the most elegant-looking light box displays on the market. With tiny LED bulbs built into the sides of the frame, these lightbox panels illuminate your translucent graphics to create stunning visual displays with no hot or cold spots. A unique diffusion pattern in the frame ensures that all you see is bright, shadow-free illumination, even in very large sizes. With a "snap-open" border on the frame, these light panels are also very functional. You can change your graphics with little effort without even removing your light box from the wall. Four predrilled holes allow you to mount your lightbox panels vertically or horizontally, while rounded corners ensure no one gets scratched on sharp edges. Specifications

Overall Width x Height x Depth 36.8" x 72.8" x 0.8"
Viewable Width x Height 34.4" x 70.4"
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Placement Style Wall Mounted
Media Size 36" x 72"
Orientation Portrait, Landscape
Loading / Door Style Snap-Open
Light Type LED
Features Illuminated
Power Cord Length 60.0"
Average Luminance 1879.0 lux
Although they initially cost more than traditional light boxes, these LED lightbox panels have many benefits that help outweigh their expense. Because LED bulbs are smaller and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs, these light boxes are thinner and will actually save you money in the long run (in electricity bills). LED lightbox panels also have a life span of over 100,000 hours. Because of this, LED light boxes make great permanent fixtures in airports, malls and stadiums. While fluorescent lightbox panels may also offer bright illumination in large sizes, their bulbs only last for about 2 years before you must replace them. These lightbox panels, on the other hand, offer sufficient brightness and maintenance-free use for over 11 years! Please Note: LED lights are not measured in terms of Kelvin; our best approximation is a 6500 Kelvin color rating. However, we do not warrant this measurement, as it is only an approximation by us. The manufacturer of LED lights does not officially measure officially Kelvin Color ratings.