Bar Sign Bar Store Light Box Bar Business Sign Bar LED Window Sign Liquor Sign

  • $9.63

Fixture Displays "Bar" Animated LED Sign with Hanging chain, Rectangular - Red, Yellow, Green & Blue. This window display, LED bar sign is a great way to inform the public that an establishment is ready for business. The illuminated signage features a static "BAR" message, a martini glass, a wine bottle and flowing blue lights from bottle to glass to capture passersby attention.
* An illuminated bar sign, like this window display, is perfect for businesses that serve beer and alcoholic beverages. The illuminated signage is commonly seen used in pubs, night clubs, bistros, lounges and taverns.
* This light-up bar sign that has bright LED lighting is easy to read from a far and makes the message pop-out from the black background. The text is formed by red, green, blue and yellow LED bulbs, attracting both walk-by and drive-by traffic.
* Dimensions????19"W x 10" H x 0.8" D..